Wendy Williams Makes Her Way Into 50 Cents Party Despite Being Blacklisted

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Wendy Williams Makes Her Way Into 50 Cents Party Despite Being Blacklisted Description:

Wendy Williams has been going through it when it comes to her relationship with 50 Cent. Ever since she made comments concerning his relationship with his eldest son, 60 has been making sure to stay on her case regarding anything bad that happens to her. Well recently 50 Cent had a party and Snoop Dogg was there and Wendy wanted to take her son to see Snoop for his birthday. Well although she was blacklisted from the party, her hometown connection worked in not only getting her in the door but getting her and her son a picture with Snoop Dogg as well. You know 50 Cent was definitely in his feelings.

What are your thoughts?

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Wendy Williams Makes Her Way Into 50 Cents Party Despite Being Blacklisted
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