‘The Witcher’ Star Henry Cavill On Why He HAD to Play Monster Hunter Geralt | Rotten Tomatoes

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‘The Witcher’ Star Henry Cavill On Why He HAD to Play Monster Hunter Geralt | Rotten Tomatoes Description:

One of Netflix’s most hotly anticipated titles ever, ‘The Witcher,’ finally arrives on the streaming service this December – and just like fans of the video game and book series, we couldn’t wait to find out what the new show had in store. Ahead of the series’ release, Rotten Tomatoes correspondent Naz Perez sat down with star Henry Cavill, who told us why he felt compelled – and campaigned – to take on the title role, and why his character has more depth than some may think at first. Plus, we chatted with actresses Freya Allan (Ciri) and Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), and showrunner Lauren Schmidt, who revealed how a Christopher Nolan movie inspired her to switch up some timelines and expand certain roles.
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‘The Witcher’ Star Henry Cavill On Why He HAD to Play Monster Hunter Geralt | Rotten Tomatoes
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