The 100: What Nobody Realizes About Clarke Griffin

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The 100: What Nobody Realizes About Clarke Griffin Description:

Secrets Behind The 100 Character Clarke Griffin
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Clarke Griffin is by far one of the best characters in "The 100." She's a fearless leader who's often faced with tough decisions, which is why she's known as the Commander of Death. Clarke was sent to earth, along with ninety-nine other juvenile delinquents, by the infamous Sky People. She was thrown into the unknown and came out kicking, but we never doubted her for a second. She's portrayed by actress Eliza Taylor, who happens to have a lot in common with her character. We were shocked to find out that Eliza never auditioned for the role of Clarke, but more on that later!

The CW recently confirmed that "The 100" would be returning for its sixth season. We can't wait to find out about the brand new planet our heroes are about to explore. Clarke is surely going to rise up to the occasion. We've compiled some surprising facts about Clarke for you to enjoy. So, keep watching to find out which character Eliza originally auditioned for.

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The 100: What Nobody Realizes About Clarke Griffin
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