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Shameless: The Real-Life Couples Revealed | ⭐OSSA Description:

Shameless Cast: The Real-Life Couples Revealed
Are you waiting for some shameless facts about the favorite cast from Shameless Showtime series? Watch our video to find out Shameless cast real-life couples! Who are the Shameless drama actors dating? Be ready for super cool and fresh facts about our favorite Shameless US celebs!
⭐William H. Macy is the actor who we are happy to admit is nothing similar to the role he portrays! William is nothing like Frank Gallagher!
⭐Did you know that Cameron Monaghan aka Ian Gallagher has a girlfriend in real life?
⭐Even though Jeremy Allen White role of a kid with alcohol problems was very convincing, he's nothing like Lip Gallagher in real life.
⭐Does Ethan Cutkosky look like Carl Gallagher in real life?
⭐It's hard to believe that before Shameless Shanola Hampton, who portrayed Veronica Fisher, was an almost unknown actress with episodical parts in not-so-famous TV shows.
⭐Before his role on Shameless, Steve Howey was famous for being a school football star Van Montgomery in the popular sitcom Reba.
⭐Noel Fisher's role as Mickey Milkovich may be one he is most famous for, but it's certainly not his only one.
⭐Emma Kenney (Debbie Gallagher) is single! However, the actress said that in the childhood she had a crush on one of her show's "brothers.""Who do you think it was?
⭐Fans of the show were shocked to find out that Emmy Rossum was leaving the series. Fans will miss gorgeous Fiona Gallagher!
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Shameless: The Real-Life Couples Revealed | ⭐OSSA
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