How to Help Your Hospital (Fight COVID-19 Locally) - Smarter Every Day 233

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How to Help Your Hospital (Fight COVID-19 Locally) - Smarter Every Day 233 Description:

Check out what we've done and adapt/improve it for your city:
Take anything we have done and use for team! (Copy forms etc)
(Donations Accepted)
DISCLAIMER: All designs should be coordinated with your local hospital, and when possible only FDA approved medical products should be used. One danger of 3D printed materials is that if they do not provide protection, the users may put themselves in more dangerous situations with a false sense of security. Do not make the decision on what products to use, simply make what your medical professionals ask for, and let them make the risk assesment.
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Find someone that's gone before you that will help you figure it out!
For me it was Pooch (Alan) at: Operation Shields Up!
Hats off to Joe Prusa's team for figuring out the design!
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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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How to Help Your Hospital (Fight COVID-19 Locally) - Smarter Every Day 233
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